Kana Skincare - EGF/CBD Botanical Essence

Kana Botanical Essence - 30ml


Kana Botanical Essence is the Korean version of lightweight, concentrated serum. It is all  natural, fast absorption, great to use during the day time.


There are many special ingredients in this bottle including EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor!


We are all born with EGF in our bodies, however, it begins to diminish when we hit our 20's! It is a high performance, anti-aging ingredient that stimulates skin growth at a cellular level.

Yes to tighter and firmer skin!



Use on clean skin after toner. Apply a suitable amount of active botanical essence on face and neck, pat/massage gently into skin and let it absorb. Follow with moisturizer or sunscreen.

This essence can be used during the day with sunscreen or night time with our sleeping mask for best results.

30ml / 1.oz

Kana Skincare - EGF/CBD Botanical Essence

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