Beauty Releaf - CBD Lip Tasker              Holiday (Red)

The Lip-Taskers are no ordinary lip glosses( Colour Holiday) 


All-natural intense lip treatment combined with the texture and finish of an ultra-luxurious highly pigmented lip gloss. Formulated with powerful antioxidant enriched ingredients and infused with the gold standard CBD to help protect, prevent, and reduce inflammation and signs of aging all while soothing, healing and softening the lips.

They provide rich beautiful color and coverage and are hand crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients.Thlp the lips look visibly fuller.Our Lip-Taskers are multi-purpose and multi-effective! Apply as needed whenever you crave releaf from life’s daily stresses. Wear alone to soothe, heal, moisturize and provide a beautiful velvety color effect to the lips. Layer over a favorite lipstick for additional comfort and effect. Apply under your favorite lip color for added moisture and comfort. Mix different Lip-Taskers to create Lip-Taskers provide long wearing color, high shine, and are infused with large and small micas to hee your own unique color.

Beauty Releaf - CBD Lip Tasker Holiday (Red)